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"Phoenix Vessel Technology Limited has made some considerable improvements in its pricing structure over the last two years and this, coupled with the speed of delivery, makes working with them more attractive than ever before."

Rainer Assmann
Elga Berkefeld

"Hatenboer-Water b.v. have enjoyed a long term relationship with Phoenix, and being one of our key suppliers of pressure vessels we have been impressed with their short delivery time and their support and service."

Peter W. Hatenboer
Managing Director

"We've been working with Phoenix Vessels for more than two decades and over the years our relationship has evolved to meet the new demands of the market. In the past years the membranes have evolved to produce more and more water at lower pressures. The permeate collectors have been increased in size to allow the water to flow with the minimum of friction inside the vessel. This requires some alterations on the product water connection in the headers in order to minimize the pressure losses on the permeate side. Phoenix Vessel Technology has proven to have an open mind about their designs and have proven to be willing to alter their standard design to fit the needs of the customer. Besides the above, they have the advantage of having a dedicated group of people that can respond fast to your call, make sure you get that spare part or vessel body you need for a speedy replacement."

Jorg Korver
Bruine de Bruin

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