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It is our intention to provide our customers with as much aftersales assistance as possible. As an aide to this resolution, we will post regular Technical Information Points on this site that will provide you with helpful hints and product updates.

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Tips archive

All User Guides can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or above.
TIP Number 1 April 2006 8" Dummy Elements (Superseded by TIP No. 5) Download
TIP Number 2 May 2006 8" iLEC Adaptors Download
TIP Number 3 June 2006 8" Strap Design (Superseded by TIP No. 8) Download
TIP Number 4 July 2006 Acid Resistant Housings Download
TIP Number 5 August 2006 8" Dummy Elements (Supersedes TIP No. 1) Download
TIP Number 6 September 2006 Future End Fitting Styles Download
TIP Number 7 October 2006 Changes to 8" 300 Retaining Ring Download
TIP Number 8 January 2007 New Retaining Strap Design (Supersedes TIP No. 3) Download
TIP Number 9 Febuary 2007 Multi-Port Manifolding Recommendations Download
TIP Number 10 March 2007 New Part Number System Download
TIP Number 11 April 2007 New 4" Retaining Strap Download
TIP Number 12 May 2007 Certificate BS EN ISO 9001-2000 Download
TIP Number 13 May 2009 Side Ported Vessels with Direct Vessel to Vessel Connection Download
TIP Number 14 September 2009 ASME - versus - PED Download
TIP Number 15 October 2009 Further Improvements to 8" Retaining Ring Download

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