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taking the pressure out of buying vessels

Phoenix Vessel Technology Ltd, the UK specialist in manufacturing fibreglass reinforced membrane housings, was formed in 2006 after a private purchase of the company that pioneered this technology in the 1980's.

Phoenix Vessel Technology Ltd has built a dynamic production and management team and have invested in people, research and development, production machinery, training and health & safety since the company buyout in 2015 from The Ravago Group.

Phoenix have reduced both lead times and prices through supply chain management and improved production technology whilst developing new PED and ASME X products (code stamped if required).
Our extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for our products, personal customer service, and fresh, new engineering ideas are all helping the company to rapidly grow, particularly in Europe, India, UAE, North America and Scandinavia.

Our customers include reverse osmosis rig manufacturers, oil and petrochemical industry, food and beverage, breweries, hotels, wastewater, local government, ministry of defence, marine and offshore including and boat, yacht and cruise ship makers.

Our vessels are also used for desalination, ultra-filtration and closed-circuit reverse osmosis.


We can also supply membranes and IX Resins through our sister company INAQUA

8 x 300 psi vessels

Vessel for water treatment Europe

2,5, 4 and 8 End Port vessels

8 x 300 Psi vessels

Why is PVT the best choice for pressure vessels?

  • high quality, reliable product
  • fast delivery
  • increasingly competitive on price
  • comprehensive standard range
  • bespoke products available
  • excellent customer care
If you have any questions or requests on the subject of pressure Vessels, you can simply write to us using the form.

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4 x 1 element 300 psi vessels for water treatment

Application of pressure vessels in varios industries

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Preparation of formula water, production water, washing water and ultra-pure water.



Preparation of process water, preparation water, washing water, injection water and sterile water.



Boiler makeup water, cooling water, semiconductor industry ultra-pure water, integrated circuit cleaning water, formula water.

Seawater Desalination

Seawater Desalination

Production and deomestic water obtained from seawater desalination in island areas, coastal water shortage areas, ships and seawater oil fields.



Recovery of precious metals and water from electroplating rinsing water to achieve zero or small discharge.

Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel

Production process wastewater discharge, solube oil bath preparation, boiler deionized water and makeup water preparation.

Drinking Water

drinking water

Preparation of pure water, direct drinking water, and domestic water.

Textile Printing & Dyeing

Textile Printing & Dyeing

Water used in textile and manufacturing plants needs to remove minerals in the water.



Deep treatment of oilfield injection water and petrochemical wastewater.

If you have any questions or requests, you can simply write to us using the form.


Phoenix Vessel Technology Limited
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Gloucester, GL2 5DP, UK

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