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Pressure vessels

Phoenix Vessel Technology is a major manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels which are used as housings for reverse osmosis membrane elements. It is one of a small number of companies with Code X accreditation of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Vessels are produced to cover a range of pressures upto 1740 psi and to house seven 40" or five 60" membrane elements.

Each vessel has a documented history in terms of the manufacturing process and the materials used. Before despatch, each vessel is tested to 1.1 times working pressure to ensure structural integrity.

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Pressure Vessel Complete with FEP Liner (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)


Our dynamic engineering team have the technical expertise in material technology and production applications to ensure the best solution for your pressure vessel projects.
Examples of our standard production range include:

Technical expertise

120bar/1740psi for UHP membranes.
• 2.5” End Port
• 4” End Port
• 4” Side Port
• 5.1” Forward Osmosis pressure vessels
• 6” End Port
• 6” Side Port
• 8”End Port
• 8” Side Port
• 8” Grooved end for NF/UF Housings
• 8” & 9.4” FEP lined End Port vessels for corrosive applications & acid mine drainage
• 9” End Port
• 9” Side Port
• 10” End Port
• 10” Side Port
• 11” Side Port
• 11” End Port
• 11” Forward Osmosis pressure vessels

To keep the cost of ownership as low of possible Phoenix prides itself in designing pressure vessels to provide you with the maximum service life possible. We have thousands of vessels over 30+ years still in service around the world.
We use only the best materials available to us. We design the vessels to provide quick servicing of end fittings, circlips and O Rings.
Our comprehensive range of spare parts enables us to provide same day dispatch anywhere in the world.
Traceability of component parts is regulated through our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance procedures. We track every component through unique serial numbers so traceability of raw materials can be used within your quality plan.

8 x 4 element vessels for netherlands

4 x 300 psi vessels for Europe

8 u. 10 low and high pressure vessels in Produktion

8 u. 10 low and high pressure vessels in Produktion

If you have any questions or requests, you can simply write to us using the form.


Phoenix Vessel Technology Limited
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Gloucester, GL2 5DP, UK

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